Mémoires Informatiques
there is a story behind your computer.

Lest We Forget

The computer, today a commonplace commodity, was born less than a century ago. In order to preserve its history for future generations, the Mémoires Informatiques foundation endeavors to preserve a precious heritage.

The know-how of the pioneers and passionate users of old machines, the documentation they have compiled, and their memories must be preserved to ensure continued functionality.

The Mémoires Informatiques foundation is committed to drawing the public's attention to its collection, sharing its knowledge with them and professionals in order to preserve the link between computer science's history and new technology.

You can help us with our endeavor.

Fondation Mémoires Informatiques
4, ch. des Figes - 1038 Bercher - Switzerland - +41 78 748 21 16
http://www.memoires-informatiques.org - contact@memoires-informatiques.org
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